Renewing industries by finding solutions for practical 5G implementations


New digitalization markets offer significant revenue expansion possibilities for those who react fastest to new opportunities. This project lowers the barrier for trying the value of wireless services by unleashing the potential of 5G network technology before commercial market entry. While testing the true offered value of wireless communication with real services, the project also makes deep-dives analysing value chains and business models in different industrial locations introducing an early view of paradigm shift from the traditional communication service provider market towards new data and wireless connectivity services.


Large enterprises operating in manufacturing, automation, utilities, transportation, etc. can be referred as ‘physical industries’ to make a difference from ‘digital industries’ consisting of technology, content, finance, insurance, etc. segment. These physical industries are said to occupy 70% of the industry workforce cost, and only 30% of the IT investments.  Therefore, digitalization on industry segment with secure and robust wireless infrastructure has big value creation potential improving competitiveness and giving global forerunner position for Finnish industry globally.  This project drives readiness for industry to grow competitiveness in global competition, with early adaption of 5G based solutions for daily operations and business processes.

Business analysis

Mobile ecosystem has evolved from an environment of bilateral relationship between network vendors, mobile network operators and their customers in the value chain, to a universe of specialised companies providing resources and services in different positions of the business ecosystem. This project brings new value configurations visible in different trial locations with different stakeholder roles aiming at new business models enabled by 5G. Network vendors play a key role for industrial use, complemented by the offerings of the operators building on their infrastructure and experience in providing connectivity on a broad scale. Emerging local networks and specialized services change the business environment opening the market for new opportunities.

This project conducts business environment analysis for different trial sites by taking deep-dives to use cases. As outcome, research provides a comprehensive trial site specific business analysis including its business ecosystem representation, business models for the ecosystem and key stakeholders, detailed quantitative techno-economic analyses of selected value network configurations, and related regulatory advice.