Own private LTE network and commercial 5G by Telia

Port Oulu Industry Campus

The Port of Oulu is a junction for sea, rail and road traffic, enabling efficient transportation to all of northern Scandinavia and to Russia. A so-called multi-operator environment poses a unique challenge for the port that handles three types of traffic. Operators vary from stevedores, pilots and icebreakers to waste management and maintenance as well as the Finnish Customs and other authorities. They all need to work seamlessly together. That is why the Port of Oulu is investing in its digital infrastructure and services.

  • Port of Oulu has created a future-oriented roadmap to guide all digital development. Among other ventures, the port is currently working on PORT OULU Smarter. -mobile application that is becoming a daily tool for port operators and visitors – using a modern port data platform to house data on port operations. These initiatives play into the goal of making the logistics flows more efficient and reliable, and the port area more safe and secured.
  • The Port of Oulu is building and developing local network solutions for the port area’s multi-functional environment. The port company manages the Private LTE network capacity sold as-a-service to enterprises and local actors operating in the premises. The private network utilizes the 2.6GHz broadband spectrum allocated on the port area. The network investment enables innovative, modern and secure digital smart port services for customers and partners alike. Cranes, lifts and other stevedoring fleet must be reliably connected to receive and transmit data during cargo operations.
  • Port of Oulu is building up a cloud-based Port Data Platform, where the port stakeholders are connected using data as a glue. Collecting, enriching, analyzing and sharing port data is enabled by the most modern mobile connectivity and application technologies. The real-time data improves the situational awareness for everyone working and visiting the port area, and the history data is utilized to predict and plan the future actions. Different type of data is modelled and simulated in a dynamic and interactive 3D Digital Twin – which is visualizing the port operations in a very comprehensive way. Please take a virtual tour in Port of Oulu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPNQkCY3q8s&t=9s
  • Port of Oulu has chosen to be an active partner for various commercial and academic technology cooperation projects. This will ensure that the upcoming technological improvements can and will be utilized for the benefits of port’s customers, operators and visitors. Combining secured connectivity solutions, and smart digital port services will play a key role when welcoming the first automated and autonomous vehicles into the port area in the near future.

Latest news on the progress of the PORT OULU Smarter. digitalisation project in www.ouluport.com

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