Own private LTE network and 5G prototypes with URLLC connectivity

Kalmar’s Trial site

Kalmar’s demonstration area is at Tampere next to Kalmar office. Test yard provides a test environment for software and automation development and demonstrations, where integrated solutions carry out real-world objectives. Kalmar has several container handling machines for testing (AutoStraddle, AutoShuttle, Automatic Stacking Crane (ASC), Automatic Rubber Tyred Gantry (AutoRTG) Crane (and manual versions of those), Fork Lift Truck (FLT), Reachstacker (RS) and Terminal Tractor (TT)). Test yard has many wireless communication systems like WiFi, LTE and 5G. In the test yard, there is infrastructure like fences, gates and sensors for safety demonstration purposes.

In office building Kalmar has the Control Room for demonstrating automation solutions in action. The Control Room has a set up similar to a real-life automated terminal’s operations room including a TOS station, stations for ASC, AutoRTG and horizontal transportation, with a shared RC (Remote Control) desk for different machine types. Various demonstrations are already available in The Control Room, like: all AutoRTG automation levels and AutoShuttle FastCharge etc. The area has great visibility to the test yard. Kalmar has also state-of-the-art Simulation and Virtual Environments. They supply simulators and virtual reality applications for software development and for other users. Environment can also be utilized for virtual reality applications for safety and other ”human meets automated system” studies. Kalmar has capabilities to make also productivity simulations for ports and terminals.

Selected highlights