Solutions for the industry vertical with genuine 5G and 4G network access

Industry 4.0 relevant 5G technologies

Industry vertical is a highly diverse domain with critical communication need and a vast amount of varied use cases and applications with very distinct requirements.  There is thus an inherent need to study the E2E architectural requirements to 5G wireless communication system raised from the industry vertical, to understand the various deployment options of the 5G system and their suitability for the industry and to research the ongoing industrial trends such as ultra-reliable communication and their implications to the 5G E2E architecture and its key characteristics (eMBB, mMTC and URLLC).

The 5G VIIMA network and user device technology use case will address these questions by developing solutions for the industry vertical with genuine 5G and 4G network access available at actual industrial locations.  Oneobjective of the use case is to integrate 5G modem technology with industrial equipment and test the suitability and find the boundary conditions of utilizing 5G end-to-end connectivity, edge computing, URLLC and time sensitive networking (TSN) in replacing existing industrial ethernet and other industry standard communication methods.

Project use case also strives to understand and test in real industrial contexts the network slicing and edge computing technologies and their implications in creating and running multiple logical networks as virtually independent or “private” business operations on a common physical infrastructure while retaining net neutrality, integrity and agreed levels of quality of service. Emphasis is also put on understanding how the interoperability and co-existence between the private or virtual sliced networks and commercial networks are arranged.