5G VIIMA project results are now available including business environment analyses and new technologies and trials for 5G in industrial use cases.


A new project proposal expanding wireless data and connectivity solutions to address sustainability challenges in the industry vertical is also submitted.

Our aim is to improve the agility, flexibility, and international competitiveness of the Finnish manufacturing and ICT industries by:

1. developing for global markets a toolbox of sustainable, commercially viable, scalable, and replicable data and wireless connectivity solutions for optimizing industrial processes and

2. trialing them for their economic, societal, and environmental sustainability in real industrial locations.

 See below currently involved trial locations and selected highlights

Kalmar Industry Campus

Kalmar’s demonstration area is at Tampere next to Kalmar development center. Test yard provides a test environment for software and automation development and demonstrations, where integrated solutions carry out real-world objectives. Kalmar has several container handling machines for testing and many wireless communication systems, including 5G.

In office building Kalmar has the Control Room for demonstrating automation solutions in action. Kalmar has also state-of-the-art Simulation and Virtual Environments.

ABB Smart Grids

Electrification and renewable energy sources are at the core in the efforts to create a sustainable energy system. The smart grid evolution is transforming electric power grids into dynamic, meshed networks consisting of distributed, renewable generation and active consumers. This evolution introduces complexity and stability vulnerability, thus posing a grid management challenge. Power grids are increasingly utilizing communications and information technologies to address this challenge.

Evolving 5G technology aims at providing a secure, reliable, and easily deployable low latency communication infrastructure for industrial applications. The 5G VIIMA Smart Energy project, headed by ABB, explores the potential of the 5G technology in providing the required, new grid management solutions.  The project focuses on the distribution grid. Key research areas are solutions for protection, fault location, control and cybersecurity. A purpose-built test platform has been established for the hybrid testing of grid and communication components and solutions.

Port Oulu Industry Campus

The Port of Oulu is a junction for sea, rail and road traffic, enabling efficient transportation to all of northern Scandinavia and to Russia. A so-called multi-operator environment poses a unique challenge for the port that handles three types of traffic. Operators vary from stevedores, pilots and icebreakers to waste management and maintenance as well as the Finnish Customs and other authorities. They all need to work seamlessly together. That is why the Port of Oulu is investing in its digital infrastructure and services.

Nokia Digital Factory

To prove both the excellence of 5G for industrial use and experienced value for manufacturing, Nokia is embracing many 5G principles in its Oulu factory. Nokia factory is used for trialing new 5G frequencies and network capabilities, tools, architectures and wireless applications which are seen bringing value in manufacturing environment. This facility and related personnel assumes also close interaction with other key projects, particularly Reboot-IOT Finland and possible new factory digitalization called  ‘Below Zero’. Current infrastructure in Nokia factory is using private LTE network for running factory operations. In addition, factory network includes Nokia High-accuracy-indoor-positioning (HAIP) as an overlay installation and indoor 5G solution for trialing new wireless industrial applications and digitalization initiatives.  Data for digital-twin is collected from conncted factory machines and wireless IOT-sensors.

Selected Highlights