Telia Onsite – virtually onsite with 360° view

Need for ever more interactive and immersive remote communication tools are increasing due to a pressure to offer faster service on site, eliminate downtime of critical operation and improve safety and productivity. Bringing experts virtually onsite on a need basis helps to allocate scarce resource efficiently and additionally saves travelling costs and contributes to CO2 reductions.

In 5G Viima, Telia Company´s Telia Onsite virtually onsite service was piloted in several use cases. Telia Onsite service works via web browser (via any mobile phone, tablet, or laptops). Joining the meetings does not require any installation or admin work, participants can easily join meetings via web link, SMS invite or by opening meeting sessions’ QR link with their end devices. Additional immersive user experience was brought in by developing 360° 8k camera view for participants. 360° camera support via 5G connection to Telia Onsite service was developed in collaboration with Fincloud Oy and Finwe Oy. On built security within Telia Onsite was complemented via Telia’s Mobile Company Network solution to provide secure 5G connection between peers.

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Arttu Rantala, Telia Finland Oy [email protected]

Minna Rahkola, FinCloud Oy [email protected]

Juha Kela, Finwe Oy [email protected]

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