Successful 5G Modem integrations

For 5G Modem, the 5G-Viima project was about developing and modifying 5G modem for industrial use cases and needs and to identify requirements for further development.

Within 5G-Viima, the actual modem integrations were not done on a chip-level but with end-user-type-devices instead. This means that the modems that were integrated were either Android phones (via USB tethering or Wi-Fi hotspots), or as USB-modem-dongle or router type of devices.

One key finding was that for the “cutting the industrial cables”, there is lots of need for wireless Ethernet/RJ45 replacement in industrial scenarios. Also some prototype integrations and trials were made also for RJ45-router/5G modem.

The actual set-ups and integration of devices were done by 5G-Viima partners for various use cases, listed on other pages of this site, but just to mention some examples:

  • Network measurements done with drones by various 5G parties
  • TUNI Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV) trials
  • Private 5G SA pilots at Sandvik test mine and Kalmar test yard
  • Automated telemetry and control data transmission for drones
  • Oulu harbor 5G measurements +  Centria 5G weather station
  • Finwe 360 up to 8K live video streaming over the 5G and remote-presence set-up to Oulu harbor crane operator
  • Various live video stream experiments over 5G
  • Controlling robots/candy machine/led matrixes/strawberry growth video observations over 5G
  • Lidar use cases
  • 5G trials, low latency
  • Oulu university 5G trials for various purposes
  • Smart energy grid and fault detection in energy grids
  • Ground surface monitoring in Drone use cases

Based on these experiments and observations it can be clearly seen that 5G technology can be adapted also for industrial use cases already now. Basic 5G performance is good and it’s maturity is in good level so that the transformation towards wireless connectivity for industrial use cases may well proceed.


Perttu Kurvi, [email protected]

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