Business, technology and regulation for wireless in verticals

Business environments around industrial campuses and factories vary but the same methods can be used to analyze them and identify new business opportunities from 5G. University of Oulu researchers together with Aalto University have developed a framework for busines environment analysis for wide-spread adoption of wireless solutions in industrial use including four steps:

  1. business ecosystem and stakeholder identification,
  2. value network configurations and detailed techno-economic analysis,
  3. alternative business model creation, and
  4. understanding and influencing of related regulations.

These steps involve a deep interplay of business, regulation and technology perspectives. For success, the business environment analysis requires a close collaboration between industry, academic and regulation domains. 5G-VIIMA project brought together key stakeholders including industrial campus owners, network vendors, mobile network operators, ICT service providers, technical and business researchers, and regulators among others to create a joint outlook of the potential of 5G in real industrial sites.

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Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu
[email protected]

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