Efficient use of local 4G/5G spectrum in industrial environments

As the radio spectrum is a finite natural resource, the explosive growth in wireless data use creates a demand for new technological solutions and regulation that allow more efficient utilization of the spectrum resources.  The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is an authority, which defines how the radio spectrum can be utilized in Finland. The rules and regulations for spectrum use define which applications and technologies be used on specific spectrum bands in Finland.

Traficom has granted the Finnish industry an opportunity to build their own local 4G/5G networks for their operating environments, e.g. in ports, factories, and industrial campuses. This allows the companies to build robust and tailored networks for their specific needs and to have a guaranteed quality of service in their wireless networks.

Turku University of Applied Sciences has supplied important information to Traficom in 5GVIIMA by doing theoretical research, tests and measurements on the spectrum utilization of local networks. These studies have helped Traficom to develop and validate the rules and regulations to allow interference-free operation of adjacent local networks and adjacent spectrum users, such as cordless cameras. The measurements have been conducted using the 5G Test Network Turku (5GTNT) at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The movable test network has enabled to build the relevant measurement scenarios needed to develop and validate the regulation needed for efficient and interference-free spectrum utilization for local networks.

References and more information

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Heidi Himmanen, Traficom; [email protected]

Juha Kalliovaara, Turku University of Applied Sciences; [email protected]



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