Remotely-controlled RTG cranes

Digitalization and automation are transforming port operations. Increasing automation calls for deployment of several emerging technologies, most essentially wireless ultra-reliable and low latency communication. 5G VIIMA built test systems for studying how the 5G URLLC can be used in automated and remote-controlled crane operations and how the latest unlicensed spectrum technologies equipped with reliability-enhancing features can be used as assisting technologies for 5G URLLC. In the first case, we focused on testing the 5G URLLC as a primary technology for continuous and latency-critical safety messaging in automated operations. In the second case, we tested two unlicensed spectrum networks (Wi-Fi 6) and multipath TCP (MPTCP) for low latency video streaming for monitoring and remote control.

See video how the 5G URLLC and unlicensed spectrum technologies were tested and also demonstrated in action at Kalmar’s test yard.


Pekka Yli-Paunu ([email protected])

Mikko Uusitalo ([email protected])

Heli Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen ([email protected])

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