Commercial 5G trialed for Smart Grid control

5G and network slicing provide a compelling platform from future Smart Grids’ perspective. The expectations for the new technology are high due to the significant enhancements in wireless communication, e.g. latency, reliability, throughput, support for a large number of simultaneously communicating devices, and network slicing that provides end-to-end virtual network for the specific use case needs. However, realistic understanding of recent 5G deployments and knowledge on what improvements the next releases will bring is essential before traditional mission-critical applications can be digitalized and turned into using wireless.

In 5G Viima, Telia’s commercial 5G-NSA network and selected operator services were tested for communication of power system protection and fault location applications. VTT’s Protection Communication testbed is equipped with various traffic sources, end user devices, and traffic shaping possibilities for performing detailed communication QoS and power system hardware-in-the-loop measurements. The measurements in commercial network give valuable information about the performance of the protection and control applications as well as 5G devices and services in realistic scenarios where unpredictable users affect the communication.

See the video introduction of the Protection communication testbed and the environment where Smart Energy use cases were studied in 5G VIIMA.


Arttu Rantala ([email protected])

Heli Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen ([email protected])

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