Network Quality Monitoring on a New Level

Kaitotek is a provider of a unique software solution for measuring and monitoring network quality. Kaitotek’s Qosium comes with a distinguished approach; it measures network quality from real application traffic in real-time. Qosium does not generate artificial test traffic to the network but measures passively, for example, one-way delays, jitter, packet loss, and user experience estimation for any selected ongoing application traffic. The quality can be measured up to end-to-end, where none of the other network monitoring solutions can reach.

Qosium ensures that mission-critical applications are safe and efficient to be used over networks. Qosium takes network monitoring to a new level where even the smallest quality deviations can be detected with no delay.

Whatever is your application and network technology, Qosium gives you real-time QoS, QoE, and traffic flow statistics to help manage networks, applications, and even security.


Jarmo Prokkola ([email protected])

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